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Dealing with cancer should never be a lone battle. Allow us to assist you:
  • Join a cancer support group
  • Find the right doctor for your case
  • Access to reference materials
  • Online consultation
  • Learn from other cancer survivors

One thought ... 5 commitments, equals a dream realized!

screenshot"I did not choose Cancer, but I chose LIFE!"

There are many things that can result from a single but meaningful thought. In this case, it was one that lingered in the mind of a breast cancer survivor- the thought of reaching out to others who were experiencing the same struggles, questionings, uncertainties as she. Read more...

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Cancer Support Activities

Pink Gallery

Project Pink Video

Watch this short video to promote the Project Pink Cancer Support Advocacy, in partnership with Bayer One-A-Day Women's. View Video


Things I would like to know more about ...

Pink Focus for the Month

testimonialIt's Over
By Dr. Joy Aromin

“It’s over, “   I cried tears of relief as the nurse took out the needle that delivered my last dose of chemo. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the right breast on June 2010. After a breast conserving surgery - lumpectomy, my oncologist recommended chemotherapy, then radiation.s. Read more

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We sincerely thank you for whatever amount you can donate to help fund the cause of our cancer support group. Donations may be sent to the following bank account:

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Project Pink Support Group Inc.
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Metro Bank, Acacia,Ayala
Acct. No. 007-50002244-9